Divine vs. Ego Timing

time management Jun 09, 2021

The timing we set with our mind isn't always aligned with divine timing.

Here's what this looks like: We have an idea of when we'll accomplish something, or we set a meeting to occur at a specific time, and yet, it may not happen that way. This can leave us frustrated. But it doesn't have to.

Because divine timing (in other words, reality) is always there to serve us. We may not see it just yet. And it may not be the timing we want. But it happens that way at that time for our benefit.

So let's align to divine timing. Let's use the ego and the mind to plan and keep us motivated and moving, but let's not require things to have to happen that way.

Instead let's trust that the actual timing that results (as in, when our goal is actually achieved, or when that meeting actually happens) is divine-led and happening for us.

This 7.5 minute video clarifies how to do this. It distinguishes divine from ego timing and shares how we can use both to move forward, in collaboration with each other.

We don't have to feel like we're fighting reality when timing doesn't work out. We can keep ourselves motivated as we trust in divine timing to be there for us.

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