Drop The Need to People Please - Course Announcement

people pleasing May 26, 2021

People pleasing is a habit.

And like any habit, it's something we can break.

But we don't just want to break it. We want to replace it.

We want to go from people pleasing to self supporting.

Which means it's not about changing behaviors alone.

It's about changing our identity.

This is what we cover in our course, Drop the Need to People Please.

This 11 hour course will guide you through specific action steps over the course of 21 days so that you can become a self supporter.

This course is available to all current beliefseed coaching clients. So if you'd like to join this course, then schedule your free consultation to learn how to become a coaching client and receive access to this course.

Go to https://beliefseed.com/schedule.

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