Resume Tip: Don't Just Focus on Data. Focus On Its Impact.

career career change communication resume Nov 04, 2022

When including data in your resume - make sure you're not just putting in a number to put in a number. 

I keep seeing this come up with my job seeking clients. They've heard it's good to include data in their resume, so they put in data. 

But if the data doesn't connect to the larger impact of what you're wanting to convey, then it just distracts. 

You want to position the data to showcase your skills and to highlight the experiences you want to have more of in your next role.

For example, if you want a people-centric company in an HR role focused on supporting employees, make the data support that theme.

Like this:

  • Option 1 - Instead of "Cut report creation time by 50% through modernizing HRIS"
  • Option 2 - Make it "Saved team members 5 hrs a week by modernizing reporting with a new HRIS"

See how the second one emphasizes the PEOPLE? 

While both examples use data to demonstrate value, Option 1 is narrow and less impactful to a people-centric company because it just considers the process for creating reports. Option 2 takes into account the impact by bringing in the people who benefitted from the change.

To sum it up - Don't just focus on data. Focus on impact. 

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