What Sea Turtles Teach Us About Ourselves and Our Career

career confidence goal mindset motivation Nov 07, 2022

Be the Sea Turtle.

Once hatched, baby sea turtles have to use their little flippers to climb out of their nest, then take a long and dangerous trek from the nest to reach the sea.

It's usually 100 yards or so, and it's filled with obstacles.

From predators to people, the baby sea turtle must persevere to make it to the security of the sea.

Often, people want to help them on this journey. But the truth is, the journey is part of the destiny. It's what strengthens their little flippers.

It's preparation for what's to come. For their life ahead of them.

Not all of them make it.

So for the sea turtle, it's get to the sea. Or die trying.

Where in your life do you have such deep conviction?

Because this is something we can learn from the sea turtle.

To respect our own lives and well-being so ferociously. To know we have no choice but to make the trek. That to live means to risk. To want more for ourselves means to face our fears. Our potential demise.

There is such beauty in the valiant heart of the sea turtle.

We can be the Sea Turtle in our career. Seeing each obstacle as a chance to get to know ourselves more closely. To choose to keep going. To decide what we really want. To pivot when we need to. And to not stop until we get there. Because getting there may be the goal, but it's not the point in full. The journey itself sets us up for the goal to be worthwhile.

The sea is the symbol to bring us forward, to pull us out of the nest, expose us to the world, and teach ourselves the power of our own valiant hearts.

I honor the Sea Turtle in you.

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