Target Ideal Companies Using LinkedIn

Nov 23, 2022

Here's how to use LinkedIn to target ideal companies you want to work for!

The video walks you through the 5 key steps:

1. Go to
2. Switch "Jobs" (Green button on top left) to "Companies"
3. Update the Company Size filter to your preferred size
4. Update the Location filter to your preferred location
5. Update the Industry filter to choose your preferred industries

Ta-da! This will give you a list of companies fitting your preferences.

You'll also see it includes if you have 1st degree connections there and if they have job openings. That way you know who to reach out to for gaining additional insight on the company and to serve as a potential referral source.

There you have it, and for individualized coaching for your job search, join me! I have two 1:1 coaching spots remaining for 2022, and one resume writing spot available.

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