Tips to Communicate During Mercury Retrograde

communication soul Sep 17, 2022

For those feeling the mercury retrograde - you're not alone! A consistent theme among my clients as of last week has been around communication difficulties.

3 takeaways to help clients communicate during this time:


1) People want to be seen and connect.

But we can't wait for them to make the first move. Often we stop our own ability to connect out of fear of rejection. But this just stops us from getting to be seen. When we get out of ego security mode and into soul connection  (more on this in my soul activation training & certification), we can let ourselves truly see ourselves and others - even if they don't see us.

2) Two triggered people can't connect.

Often clients approach their loved ones, colleagues, and friends from a place of hesitancy, with their walls already up to guard themselves from being vulnerable. This makes it hard to truly connect with another, especially if the other person is feeling similarly. However, it only takes 1 untriggered person to make a connection. So if you want to connect but feel triggered, help yourself get regrounded (self coach, get a coach, or find an untriggered trusted friend to talk to). Or, ask your loved one if it's a good time to talk - if they say no (a cue that they too may be in a triggered state) - don't use it against them or try to force a conversation. Genuinely thank them because this can strengthen the relationship.

3) Everyone has a victim story, so how long do you want to lead with yours?

Commiserating with others can feel like connecting, but oftentimes it is simply two siloed people voicing their concerns without really hearing each other. So instead of leading with what is going wrong, consider how you're there supporting yourself. This can help put you back in a place of empowerment. Shitty situations happen. They are often not your fault (even though as egoic humans we like to assume we control everything). But they don't have to be your downfall either. Use them as opportunities for self-empathy, not self pity (more on this in my latest podcast episode on Your Work Your Way podcast).
Hope this helps all those feeling the retrograde!

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