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Make bold moves as you do your work, your way, with soul.

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  • Access to Lisa, You Coach, as soon as you enroll (so the sooner you sign up, the more coaching opportunities you have!)
  • 5-Day Self Confidence during the Holidays Bonus Training
  • 21 Day Drop the Need to People Please Self Journey <-- This bonus will be REMOVED after 11/30
  • 90 minute private Soul Alignment Session with Lisa, <-- this bonus will be REMOVED after 11/30‚Äč

Details on The Soul-Filled Self Confidence Group Coaching Program:

Access Self Confidence That Comes From The Soul.

Trust yourself, make decisions from soul clarity, work in alignment with who you are, and feel more self confident as you do your work, your way, with soul.

Use Your Inner Authority

Create unwavering self trust as you learn to listen within and speak from a place of authenticity

Make Decisions from the Soul

Have your mind, heart, and body work together to make decisions based on your true wants.

Use Discomfort as Your Cue

Make discomfort your tool, helping you know when to lean into it and when to walk away from it.

Create Space for More Confidence

Grow confidence that is grounded in comradery and without fear of being seen as arrogant

Program Flow:

Program  Components:

1 LIVE Kick-off Call 

Live Call Agenda Includes:

  • Overview of program flow
  • Intention setting for the program
  • "Meeting" your Soul
    • Guided process to call back that Soul energy
    • Designed to help you reconnect with that intuitive Inner Voice inside
  • Q&A and Coaching
    • Ask questions 
    • Raise your hand to be coached live

4 LIVE  Group Coaching Calls

Live Call Agenda Includes:

  • Soul Connection Strengthening Exercise
    • To tap into that inner intuitive wisdom
    • Will be a different one for each week's coaching call)
  • Insights and takeaways about that week's topic
  • Q&A and Coaching
    • Ask questions 
    • Raise your hand to be coached live 

4 Workshop Videos with Action Steps


  • Weekly workshops to set a deep foundation for that week's topic 
    • Length is 45 min to 1 hr per workshop
    • Workshop is pre-recorded so you can watch when convenient 
  • New insights about how to trust yourself and embody your Self Confident Soul
  • A specific workbook for each workshop 
    • Designed to complete as you watch each workshop video
    • Includes specific action steps so you are applying the concepts along the way

16 Focused Deep Dive Videos with Action Steps


  • 4 videos each week that support the week's topic
    • Length per video is approx. 15-20 min
    • Expands beyond workshop curriculum to dials-in on specific concepts
    • These videos build upon each other and that week's workshop curriculum so that you can hone particular skills related to your self confidence
  • Specific application workbooks for each video
    • This way you are not just learning material; you are living the concepts as you do each application step

4 Guided Self Reflections


  • Week-specific reflection prompts to complete at the end of the week
    • Designed to help you realize learnings, make adjustments, and build your confidence as you go

1 LIVE Closeout Call 

Live Call Agenda Includes:

  • Recap of program key takeaways and insights
  • Intention check-in for the program
    • Identify progress, what worked, and adjustments to make going forward
    • Intention setting for the rest of February
  • Soul Integration
    • How to continue to strengthen and maintain your relationship with your soul-filled self confidence soul relationship
    • What to do when we feel blocked from our soul's wisdom and intuition
  • Q&A and Coaching
    • Ask questions 
    • Raise your hand to be coached live
Gain the skills, practice, feedback, and insight to be self confident in your work.
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Messages From Other Clients Who've Received Coaching From Lisa:

Meet Your Coach, Lisa Philyaw (she/her)

You can feel self confident. You can get the answers you seek. You can tap into your soul's wisdom, that intuition inside. I'm here to help you do so.
I know what it's like to experience intense anxiety that keeps you up all night. To want to speak up, but feel like you have no idea how. To be ready to make bold moves, but to have no clarity on what those moves should be. To be wanting more, but lacking the confidence to take action.
But it doesn't have to stay that way. Relief can be found. And you can truly tap into your self confidence that comes from the soul. I helped myself do this. I've worked with over 1,000 high achievers to help them, too. You can also experience incredible transformation.
I have a Master's in Psychology and am Founder of Beliefseed, a personal transformation company that specializes in helping people create more self confidence so they can do their work, their way, with soul. I combine cognitive psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, quantum psychology, adult learning theory, and spirituality with my background in workplace psychology to deliver compassionate, transformative coaching to my clients.
I live in California with my husband Jordan, and together we enjoy hiking with our dog (Pirate), watching Gaia, and creating catchy song parodies that replace lyrics with Corgi-related words.
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