Reinvention: The Spiritual Process

Reinvention is a spiritual process.

To become anew is to shed the old egoic ways and embrace a new self.

To do so, we need to stop holding onto who we think we are - for that self is but a memory.

Next, we connect with the version of ourselves that we are wanting to be.

Sometimes we feel stuck on how to do this because we don't feel clear about who we want to be.

Or we tell ourselves we can't do it. Or that we'll just fail again. But those are all lies from the ego. 

Our ego grasps ahold of itself, in an attempt of self preservation. But that is never the self we're meant to preserve.

In this episode, we dive into how to reinvent oneself. We talk about how to approach the ego, ways to ground into yourself at the soul level, and what to do if you feel you've falling back into old tendencies.

May this episode allow you to tenderly and fully embrace the you that you want to be - even if your conscious self doesn't know exactly who that is (yet!).



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