Feeling Sad (and Not Shaming it)

Sadness is meant to be felt - not to be shamed.

Yet often we bottle it up and hide it away because we've been shamed for feeling sad.

We layer on judgment and feel the pressure for not feeling "better" than we actually do.

This gap between how we actually feel and how we believe we’re supposed to feel creates chaos within.

Or body doesn’t know how to handle it, and we make ourselves spiritually, physically, and/or mentally ill over it.

So let’s drop the expectation that we’re supposed to be happy (says who?).

Let’s instead let ourselves feel how we actually feel.

Not for the sake of getting through it to feel better, but for the sake of FEELING in itself.

The wisdom from the emotion can only come when we drop the need for it to feel a certain way or provide a certain outcome to us.

This week’s episode explores the depth within sadness and allows us to be okay not being okay.

Enjoy it - or not - whatever feels right to you :)



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