From Obsession to Fulfillment: Setting Goals and Achieving Your True Purpose

We can get obsessed with our measures of success.

We can become so consumed by achieving certain outcomes that we lose sight of the true purpose behind our efforts.

But here's the truth: the goal, the measure, the outcome - they are just tools we use to assess our alignment to our purpose. They are not the purpose itself.

Unfortunately, we often confuse the measure with the motive.

For example, in the career world, we may believe that a promotion is the ultimate goal. But the truth is, a promotion is just a means to an end - it's an avenue to live out our purpose and assess our progress towards it.

When we realize this, we can release the tight grip that our goals have on us. We can stop abusing ourselves if we don't achieve them as quickly or as elegantly as we hoped. Instead, we can refocus on what really matters - our true motive.

This shift in focus allows us to set goals with intention and free ourselves from the mental confusion and drama that our ego can create. It's time to stop obsessing over metrics and start living a life aligned with our purpose.

So how can we make this shift?

That's exactly what this episode is all about.

Discover how refocusing on our true motive and setting goals with intention can free us from the suffocating grip of goals.

May this episode free you from a soulless obsession on measures that don't matter and teach you to use measures to fuel a focus on what you're truly after.



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