What Effective Communication Requires


Effective communication at work isn’t about having the perfect words. It’s about trusting yourself and trusting that the message will come through. When we know how to trust ourselves, the words will flow.

In this episode:

  • You’ll learn about the true foundation of effective communication.
  • We’ll cover how to identify when you are (and aren’t) approaching communication effectively using personal, real-world examples.

When we don’t trust ourselves to be able to communicate, we’ll often overcompensate by memorizing scripts verbatim. This creates a false confidence – we believe we know our stuff (and we do), but we base that belief in the script – not in who we are as a person. The external focus means that even if we succeed, we don’t feel like it came from us. We think it was the script. It creates a dynamic where we have to continually over-prepare, and where we feel like if we get off track or forget what we rehearsed/planned, we’re sunk. We go blank, and we don’t know how to access our wisdom within. If this has been your way, you’re not alone. I’ve been there. And you can shift it.

Listen to this podcast and you’ll leave with a better understanding of how to communicate from a place of inner alignment and trust.



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