Using Informational Interviews to Further your Career



Informational Interviewing can create career opportunities for you. But only when you approach them from a place of genuine connection. Often I see job seekers misuse informational interviewing. They end up using it as a sales gimmick, trying to get a job without considering how it may turn off those they want to interview. This inauthentic approach gets job seekers discouraged and makes their outreach for informational interviews ineffective. Other job seekers shy away from informational interviewing altogether because they don't want to come across as salesy. While well-intentioned, these hesitant job seekers end up missing valuable opportunities to expand their network and discover new career opportunities. 

But informational interviews can be worthwhile for all involved when done successfully. There is a way to request informational interviews from a place of integrity, and as a result, job seekers can use these conversations to expand their network and create new opportunities. This episode will teach you how.



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Lisa Philyaw, M.S. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Certified Life Coach, is an expert career and life coach. She takes a soul-focused, heart-led approach to helping her clients tap into their own innate wisdom. Through coaching with Lisa, clients learn to embrace all of who they are and show up to do their work in a way that is genuine and feels good.