Dark Night of the Soul


We have these periods in our life when everything within feels like it is crumbling away.

We've shed who we used to be. But we don't yet know who we are emerging as.

And it terrifies us. 

We can feel all alone. In the dark. The dark night of the soul.

This can be a time that feels dramatic.

But it can also be the beginning of our greatest transformations.

In this episode, I share about what a dark night of the soul is and some ways to approach it based on my personal experience with it.

Let it be a reminder to you that you are not alone.

Even in the dark, you are the light.

You are wanted, valued, and appreciated.

Thank you for being here.


Link to other episode referenced in podcast episode: Being Your Own Miracle




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Lisa Philyaw, M.S. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Certified Life Coach, is an expert career and life coach. She takes a soul-focused, heart-led approach to helping her clients tap into their own innate wisdom. Through coaching with Lisa, clients learn to embrace all of who they are and show up to do their work in a way that is genuine and feels good.