Why You Matter (Even When You Don't Know It)


You matter. Even when you don't know it.

Your actions, your words, your state of being has an impact.

What you put out is received by others, whether they know it or not.

So the simple statements you make in passing. The little actions you take. Those make shifts. Those impact lives.

And impacting one life impacts the planet. Because changing one person shifts the universe at large by changing the energy of the world. 

You matter. Even in those moments when you're not quite sure why or how. 

This episode explains that you matter and how to help yourself own it.



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Lisa Philyaw, M.S. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Certified Life Coach, is an expert career and life coach. She takes a soul-focused, heart-led approach to helping her clients tap into their own innate wisdom. Through coaching with Lisa, clients learn to embrace all of who they are and show up to do their work in a way that is genuine and feels good.