Spirituality, Coaching, and Being Your Own Medicine: Adriana's Transformation


You are your own medicine.

In this special episode, I interview Adriana Correa. We share on spirituality, intuition, emotions, human design, and living your purpose.

Adriana goes into her own journey and offers insight for how we can each show up for ourselves. She talks about honoring our path and finding acceptance as we get to know who we are. She is an example of how we can live in resonances with ourselves and create businesses that aligns with our truth. Enjoy hearing her journey and receiving specific takeaways you can implement to help you flex your own intuitive muscle.

Because each and every one of us can do our work, our way, with soul!

CONNECT WITH ADRIANA: The conversation doesn't have to end here! Below are all the ways you can connect with Adriana, including applying for her 1:1 Chakra Alignment Program!

Adriana Correa, Founder of Spectral Wind 102 LLC



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