Connecting, Being Seen, and Getting Out of Victimhood


Whether in 1:1 sessions, group coaching, or this week's live workshop, there was a persistent theme my clients were experiencing:

People feel alone, and they are wanting support.

The dilemma? Every time you reach out, you feel you are met with a triggered, reactive response from another. Or it seems like no one sees you. Which leaves you feeling isolated and unlikely to reach out again - causing you to be even more disconnected than before.

The solution? That is what this week's episode is all about. We discuss soul connection vs. ego security and how to help create a connection to yourself and others, even when the other person is struggling or you're trapped in victim thinking.

We are put in this world together for a reason. It's not to live in separate silos. But to support and uplift each other. Connection is key to allow this to happen. And this week's episode will help you create it.



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Lisa Philyaw, M.S. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Certified Life Coach, is an expert career and life coach. She takes a soul-focused, heart-led approach to helping her clients tap into their own innate wisdom. Through coaching with Lisa, clients learn to embrace all of who they are and show up to do their work in a way that is genuine and feels good.