Today's Job Market, LinkedIn & Getting a Job You Want with 3 Key Steps


There are differing perspectives about today's job market. But when we look at the facts, here is what we find. There are opportunities out there. 

​​So how can you ensure you end up with a job you love as you navigate today's market?

That's what this week's episode is all about.

It teaches you the role of the brain and confirmation bias in feeding your fears, as well as ways to get back in alignment with your wants and desires.

​​​We then discuss how to use your resume to create a match within yourself and your desired company.

​​We'll also talk about how to be a human on LinkedIn so that you get connected to companies you'd actually want to work for.

We wrap it up by discussing how to prep for interviews in a way that lets you transform your energy into one of authentic confidence, and how that helps you communicate your value clearly.

Because regardless of the job market, your career is in your hands.

And this week's podcast episode will help you take charge of the journey in a way that is soul-led!



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Lisa Philyaw, M.S. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Certified Life Coach, is an expert career and life coach. She takes a soul-focused, heart-led approach to helping her clients tap into their own innate wisdom. Through coaching with Lisa, clients learn to embrace all of who they are and show up to do their work in a way that is genuine and feels good.



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