6 Steps to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others and Ditch the Fraud Complex

Our brains were designed to compare.

Sometimes that comparison helps us. Other times, it tears us down and leads us to feeling like a fraud.

The good news is we can take unhealthy comparison and turn it around to work for us. The result? We ditch the fraud complex as we become more in touch with who we are, get clearer on what we want, and start taking action towards our true desires.

That is what this episode is all about.

We discuss the difference between healthy and unhealthy comparison. And then we cover six steps that you can implement to take your comparison and turn it into a chance to differentiate yourself from the crowd in a way that lifts you up!

FREE RESOURCE: Enjoy this Free Comparison Summary Sheet that summarizes the six steps to stop unhealthy comparison and instead make comparison work for you.



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