Resume Revamp

Get your custom resume that showcases your talents and positions you for the job you want

Your resume's job is to showcase your skills for your ideal role.


When done correctly, your resume gets you an interview and sets you up as the top candidate to get the job.

But often resumes fall short because of these common mistakes:

  • Resume is used like a historical document of past experiences without considering the role you actually want.
  • Resume doesn't match your background; while it may sound great and read well, it doesn't give an accurate representation of your experience.
  • Resume language is overly elevated, making it sound like you're overcompensating and making your actual expertise difficult to decipher.
  • Resume focuses only on what you did without considering how your actions impacted the company long-term. 
  • Resume is focused on the role you had/have and not the role you want.



Bottom line, these mistakes trap you.

Because they lead you to getting interviews for jobs you're overqualified for or getting passed up for roles you'd be great at. When recruiters don't understand your experience as it relates to you and the role you want, then they don't see you as a fit for a job that could have been a dream. That's where I come in. I write your resume with you in mind.


Skilled Resume Writing is like Matchmaking.


It matches you with your ideal role. In this way, you don't waste your time interviewing for positions that aren't a fit. And when the role is a match to what you want, the recruiters will see your value and want to interview you.

But only when the resume is well written. This is why you don't want to hire a generic resume writer. You want to work with someone who gets you, what you want, and where you're wanting to head. That's where I come in.


I craft compelling resumes that showcase your talents.

  • My Master's in Workplace Psychology let's me get into the mindset of your recruiter and of Future You so I can craft a resume that aligns with your ideal position.
  • My background as a Communications Trainer helps me to clearly articulate your experience from a results-driven lens.
  • My Life Coach Certification guides me in asking you crucial questions that allow me to weave your story into your resume so that it relates to you.
  • My experience coaching 1,000+ career professionals gives me insights into what works and what doesn't for attracting recruiters and getting jobs you love.
  • My role doing qualitative data analysis for leadership focus groups set me up to analyze job descriptions and uncover the core competencies to emphasize in your resume.
  • My Inner Voice Facilitator Certification allows me to help you tap into your truth so we can create a resume that aligns with you.

I'll write your resume and LinkedIn to showcase you for your ideal position.


The process:

  1. You send me your current resume, an ideal job description, and LinkedIn link (as available) 
  2. I do an in-depth analysis to identify core themes and key competencies 
  3. We'll meet virtually to uncover your career goals, unique talents, and relevant experience
  4. I take those insights and craft your custom resume in a compelling format
  5. We meet for a follow-up session to review and finalize your resume
  6. You receive a PDF and Docx resume you love that aligns with the job you want; you get new LinkedIn profile text and custom plan that positions you as a thought leader

The outcome:

  • High-Quality PDF Resume you can print for networking opportunities
  • Editable Docx Resume you can tweak for future career desires
  • Clarity on the role you want to pursue and how to use the resume to get it
  • Specific competencies to highlight in job applications and for future resumes
  • LinkedIn that positions you as a thought leader for your desired role

The broader impact:

  • You know how to position yourself for future interviews and career conversations
  • You have more confidence because you're better connected to the value you bring
  • You have greater awareness for your strengths, direction, and desires


Work with me and get a resume that showcases you.


All Resume writing support includes a 3-month 1:1 coaching package.


This is because often the need for resume writing support is a symptom of a larger problem:

  • You don't know what you want (no problem - in coaching we'll work together to clarify this path)
  • You aren't clear on how to market yourself (no worries - as we coach together, we'll identify your career brand and teach you how to communicate it)
  • You lack the confidence to see how your skills already support your ideal job (no need to let this bother you - during our coaching package, you'll learn how to tap into your confidence with genuine self connection so that you can show up in every interaction with confidence!). 
  • You don't want to be fake or have to "play the game" to get ahead (no reason to be someone you're not - we'll come up with genuine, authentic strategies to help you be visible, be heard, and be seen as a thought leader in your field).

So you can see how resume writing alone is not enough to move past those blocks and create the career you want.

 That's why I am please to offer my resume writing is a part of my larger coaching package!

So you don't just get the resume you want. you also get the skills you need to talk to recruiters with clarity, confidence, and compelling vision. 

For all the details of the resume writing and  coaching support package, click the button below.

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