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Stop People Pleasing at Work

People pleasing is a habit. This course will teach you how to break the habit at work in 21 days. Then, it will show you how to transform your identity so that you can have your own back and do your work your way. Goodbye People Pleaser. Hello Self Supportive You!

Stop People Pleasing
Be Self Confident at Work

It's time to truly be self confident. Not from a fake it place. But from fully embodying it, tapped into your inner truth - that soul wisdom within. So each day of this 28-day course will teach you how to live from your Soul-Filled Self Confidence.

Be Soulfully Self Confident
Make Decisions with Confidence.

It's time to make decisions with confidence. Learn how we stop ourselves from deciding and what to do about it. Get out of second-guessing and into taking aligned action to create the results you want. Get tools to take the overwhelm out of deciding.

Make & Stick to Decisions