Coach your Clients and Grow Your Business with Soul.

Join the Soul Activation Coach Certification.


Attract, Coach, and Re-Up Clients with the Grace and Confidence that Can Only Come From Soul-Connected Coaching


Soul Activation Coach Certification: Q&A Podcast Episode
Get Answers to Your Questions About the Certification


Deliver massive results for your clients, going beyond mindset to get to the core of what they want by connecting them to who they really are at the soul level.



Make more money with current clients as they keep re-upping with you because they know working with you means getting lasting, continuous transformations.


Attract new clients who align with your message and who you want to serve because you’re clear on what you want and how to help them.



Create a coaching practice that is guided by your soul and uses your ego as your supporting tool, not your dominating saboteur.


Teach your clients the Soul Activation Framework so they can take aligned action from a place of grounded self confidence because they are tapped into themselves and who they really are.

Attract, Coach, and Re-Up Clients with the Grace and Confidence that Can Only Come From Soul-Connected Coaching

The Logistics:

3-Month Certification

Begins: April 4th

Ends: July 9th

(specific session times to be communicated to all enrolled)

Weekly LIVE Zoom Trainings

Unbranded editable worksheets you can use in your coaching business

Opportunities to coach and be coached


To Certify: You will get to complete a written exam on the Soul Activation Framework, concepts, and tools. You will also have the opportunity to submit coaching sessions for approval and receive feedback on them. Once approved, you will be officially certified to coach using the Soul Activation Framework

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The Details 

True Transformation Comes from Soul-Connected Coaching


Coach, are you ready to...

  • Coach more powerfully than ever before by helping your clients connect to the core of who they are
  • Grow a coaching business that is soul-guided and heart-led, AND makes money as you do so
  • Attract the clients that align with your message, and have them keep coming back because they know working with you means continuous growth and transformation


This certification is for you.

This isn’t about mantras, incense, or crystals (though I love me some rose quartz!).

It’s about coaching with SOUL.

So Coach, get ready because we are diving deep. Jump on in, take the leap, and embody all of who you are as you skillfully and artfully coach your clients to deep insights, massive transformation, and tremendous discoveries. 



By using The Soul Activation Framework.

This Framework is a templated guide that you can plug-and-play for every session. It isn’t a sequential requirement, it’s an artful framework that allows you to skillfully flow in your coaching sessions from a place that is soul-aligned and drives results for your clients.


Using this framework, you learn to:

  • Create inner alignment as you turn your ego from a dominating saboteur into a support advocate for your soul’s desires
  • Create the coaching container that allows your clients to fully show up, be vulnerable, and be willing to be coached at a deep level
  • Show your clients why they’re getting the outcomes they’re getting and what to do to break their habits so they can create the life they want
  • Teach your clients what drives their actions and how to get motivated and build momentum to achieve their dreams boldly and courageously
  • Guide your clients in emotional release work that frees them from the emotional impacts of the past and allows them to let go and move on
  • Provide your clients body-based healing techniques to help them recenter, release, and reignite their soul
  • Lead coaching sessions with confidence, ease, and grace without it feeling forced and robotic, or chaotic and confusing
  • Help your clients tap into their intuitive soul so they can use it to make decisions based on what they really want and take action on it
  • Hear your clients deepest desires, wants, and passions by showing them how to have soulversations in which they have chats with their soul about their life’s purpose and goals
  • Transform your clients relationship with anxiety and other limiting emotions so they can gain from the wisdom of the feelings without feeling trapped by then
  • Work with your emotions instead of fighting against them so you can feel the richness of life without feeling swept out of your ability to function
  • Use a soul-based decision making process that will help you get clear answers on what to do in your business and how to move forward as you grow it
  • Teach your clients to know when they’re talking with their ego gut versus their soul gut and how to move forward in each situation
  • Let go of imposter syndrome and instead show up fully supporting yourself as you build your soul-aligned coaching business
  • Attract clients you want to serve by getting clear on your values and addressing your fears


The result?

Make money as you coach your clients and grow your business with soul.


The impact?

Clients have massive breakthroughs. 

You feel good as you coach from a soul-connected space. 

The planet is uplifted as each and every one of us learns to tap into our soul and honors the wisdom it shares with us.

The world is ready for this, Coach. Your clients are waiting for you, Coach. Your time is now, Coach.

Join me.

Enroll in the Soul Activation Coach Certification and learn to coach your way and build your business with soul.


Frequently Asked Questions

You're ready for this, Coach. 



You're meant to be soul-connected. Use this Soul Activation Framework to transform your coaching and make money as you grow your business with soul.

Coach with Soul. Grow your business. Uplift the planet.


Most coach certifications have forgotten the core of who we are and don't teach coaches how to incorporate the soul into their coaching. 

This is a massive problem because when we cut the soul out of our coaching, we cut out the core of who we are as humans.

This soul-less style of coaching can get results, but they are lackluster. Because the coaching is detached from the truth. It looks at the mind, absent of the soul. It looks at emotions, absent of intuition.

This is like watching the show in black and white, not realizing color is even an option.

But we are vibrant beings. We deserve to live, fully alive, in vivid color.

Embracing all of who we are.

This is why we as Coaches cannot ignore the truth.

That we are souls, in human form.

This means coaching on mindset is not enough. Coaching on emotions is just a part of it.

We have to coach at the soul level.

Because if we ignore the soul, we ignore the truth. We ignore ourselves. 

But the good news is, the world is ready for us to coach with soul.

People are waking up.

And Coach, now is the time for us to bring Soul into our coaching and into our businesses.

Because when we coach at the soul level, our clients learn to connect to who they are.

Our businesses get to grow from a place that is aligned with what we want.

And our planet gets uplifted as more and more of us learn to tap into our intuitive soul and use it to guide us forward.

So Join me Coach.

Join the movement. Uplift the planet. Help your clients. Grow your business. It requires soul-level coaching.

The Soul Activation Coach Certification will teach you how.


I've got you, Coach.



Lisa Philyaw, M.S. Industrial Organizational Psychology

Certified Coach

Certified Inner Voice Facilitator

Background in leadership development, entrepreneurship, coaching, communications training, and instructional design.

I've worked with over 1,000 entrepreneurs and coaches, helping them to grow their businesses, improve their coaching, get out of imposter syndrome, and take action as they show up more fully as themselves.

As former Entrepreneur Director for The Life Coach School, I am skilled in what is - and is not - helpful for coaches to do in order to feel confident in their coaching and make offers to their clients.

As the Momentum and Elevation Coach for Peak Business Academy, I've helped entrepreneurs understand what's blocking themselves from success and how to move through those blocks to achieve results.

I've seen the benefits of a mindset-based approach, and the pitfalls as well.

And I've created the Soul Activation Certification to bridge the gap between the two.

So that you as a coach can use the strengths of the ego and the guidance of the soul to create soul-aligned coaching that allows your clients to have major breakthroughs.

I've gone through my own dark night of the soul and realized the emptiness that comes from leading a successful BUT misaligned life.

It doesn't matter how far ahead you get. If you don't get to be you, if you don't get to own your expertise and express yourself, it doesn't matter. you'll burn out. You'll exhaust yourself in the process and sink your emotional health as you try to be something you're not.

I know because I've been there. Coaching and deep soul work helped me through. I am continuing my journey of growth and evolution, I am here to help you with yours.

We're in this together, Coach.

We can't ignore the soul anymore.  If we do, it kills us from the inside out. So let's drop the mask. Let's be ourselves. Let's coach our way and grow our businesses with soul. 


Attract, Coach, and Re-Up Clients with the Grace and Confidence that Can Only Come From Soul-Connected Coaching