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You have a right to be self confident.


Because self confidence is our natural state. When we strip away all of the conditioning society puts on us and we get to the core of who we are - that energetic soul within - we are confident.

That core of us knows its worth. It sees its value. It has nothing to prove. No need to hide. That soul inside is always there and already confident. 

All we need to do is tap back into it.

Insecurity comes from conditioning. 


Feeling insecure, unworthy, or insignificant isn't a personal trait. It's also not something to shame ourselves for. Because being insecure isn't something you're born with. It's something we're taught based on our surroundings.


Low self esteem is learned.


Parental figures, advertisements, TV shows, influential people - they all teach us how we "should" be. And if how we are doesn't match what these inputs tell us is the "right way" then our brain gets uncomfortable. It doesn't like discrepancy. And so in that moment, we make a choice. We assume something must be wrong because the peices don't look like they're adding up. We make that mean either what we've been toldisn't right, or we're not right. 

When the truth is, there is no right. Because we are each unique beings and when we try to put ourselves in the box society constructed for us, we trap ourselves in someone else's vision of who we're supposed to be instead of being tapped into who we are.

This course is designed to allow you to reconnect to you.

So that you can break the box and find yourself along the way.

This course and coaching experience will teach you to embody your self confidence in 28 days.


Each day includes a specific focus designed to teach you to embrace your soul-filled self-confidence, now.

It's not about building confidence. It's about claiming what is and has been rightfully yours all along. And then living from that state of being. Self Confident You can be yours, right now. 

This course will bring you back to the truth of who you are. Self Confident.

And if at any time you feel stuck as you're on the 28-day journey, not to worry. Support is built into the experience.

You can use the Ask A Coach portal to share what's going on and get coaching in response to help you get back on track and tapped into your Self Confident Self.

Course Outline.


Here is a breakdown of each day of this 28-day experience. Notice that each day teaches a different aspect of how to live from soul-filled self confidence.



Detailed Breakdown.


Looking for the details of each day's topic? Click the week headings below.


Course Features.


By joining this course, you'll receive:

  • 4 Deep-Dive Workshops with Accompanying Workbooks to set the context for each week's overarching topic and allow for mindset and emotional shifts as you learn (approximately 1-hour per workshop) 
  • 16 Application Videos with Accompanying Workbooks to dive into specific aspects of soul-filled self confidence in an actionable way that gets you connecting to your confidence as you go through the course (approximately 15-20 minutes per video)
  • 4 Guided Self Reflections with Prompts to close out each week and integrate the teachings into your being
  • Ask a Coach Portal where you can submit questions and receive coaching in response throughout the 28 days


Course Cost.

Here's a breakdown of the value of everything you're getting in this program:

2 months of personal coaching support through Ask A Coach: $2,000

Approx. 8 hours of video content in the form of workshops and focused videos: $1,600

20 Accompanying Workbooks: $400

Total value: $4,000

Total cost: only $222


So if it's worth so much...Why is the price so low?

Because at Beliefseed, we're on a mission to uplift the planet.

So this means helping as many people as possible reconnect with their soul and live from their self confidence. Because the more we are tapped into our soul-filled self confidence, the more able we are to listen to our wants and express our souls' desires - which is why we're here. The more of us that do this, the higher we raise the vibration of the planet.

So for us at Beliefseed, this is not just a business transaction. This is a spiritual exchange and with each purpose, we are fulfilling our mission of helping uplift the planet. And so are you.

Join us!

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Meet your Coach and Course Instructor, Lisa.


You can feel self confident. You can get the answers you seek. You can tap into your soul's wisdom, that intuition inside. I'm here to help you do so.
I know what it's like to experience intense anxiety that keeps you up all night. To want to speak up, but feel like you have no idea how. To be ready to make bold moves, but to have no clarity on what those moves should be. To be wanting more, but lacking the confidence to take action.
But it doesn't have to stay that way. Relief can be found. And you can truly tap into your self confidence that comes from the soul. I helped myself do this. I've worked with over 1,000 high achievers to help them, too. You can also experience incredible transformation.
I have a Master's in Psychology and am Founder of Beliefseed, a personal transformation company that specializes in helping people create more self confidence so they can do their work, their way, with soul. I combine cognitive psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, quantum psychology, adult learning theory, and spirituality with my background in workplace psychology to deliver compassionate, transformative coaching to my clients.
I live in California with my husband Jordan, and together we enjoy hiking with our dog (Pirate), watching Gaia, and creating catchy song parodies that replace lyrics with Corgi-related words.




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Self Confidence Awaits.

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