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My Journey to Being Me and Taking Charge of my Career


There I was, feeling the gentle tingle of shame and embarrassment on my cheeks as I listened to my boss's feedback. He shared that they wanted me to be speaking up more. That people felt like they didn't really know me. That I wasn't sharing my opinions or contributing enough.

He wasn't wrong to give me this feedback. Deep inside, I knew he was right. I was actually glad to work somewhere where they wanted to hear more from me. I just felt like I had no idea how to be that person. How to be me at work.

The self doubt I felt with each task I did (even simple things like sending an update email) was exhausting me. The anxiety I experienced the night before every presentation was so intense that instead of sleeping I'd be up in panic the entire night.

I had tried to play it cool, plaster on a smile, nod and laugh and make small talk with coworkers.

But the gig was up. I'd been caught.

I felt like everyone knew that the image I had been feigning was just a lie to mask the insecurity I felt inside. It had worked for a while, but now I was in over my head...

I could no longer pretend to be someone I wasn't to keep my career moving.

I had a choice to make.

Option A

Change careers entirely.

Do something simpler, easier, that potentially pays less but would be way less stressful. Where I could let up a bit, go slower, and not have to think or work so hard.

Option B

Let me be ME in my current job.

Show up fully, trusting me and leaning in with courageous self confidence. Be challenged; use it to fuel me forward and not stay stuck in a self doubt, anxiety spiral.


If I could have it my way, I'd choose option B, no questionBut my dilemma was I just didn't see how that was possible.


So I Went to Work on Myself to Make it Possible


This was the greatest gift I could ever give myself. Through my process, my career transformed and my self confidence is greater than ever.

I began showing up powerfully, confidently in my role. To have an opinion, and actually express it. To have my own back even when I fall flat on my face. To know that no matter what, I am here for me. To manage the self doubt, anxiety, and overwhelm. To listen to me and my intuition.

To increase my salary by 15%. And then two years later increase it again by another 25%.

To finally love ME for me. And to get to share that brilliant self with the world.

I learned to make decisions based on my own inner wisdom, and to stand by those decisions.

I learned to express myself genuinely even when it was hard.

I learned to create an incredible career for myself. Now I help others own their own magnificence and create amazing career results.


You Can Catapult Your Career Forward Too

Delora, Executive Leader

"Working with Lisa helped me to accept myself and where I'm currently at. Now I have more ability to look at things I want to do, learn or goals I want to go after with self confidence. I was really struggling with my transition to an executive leadership role, she helped me learn and practice helpful skills to handle the transition and uncover/remember the things that drove me to want be in leadership in the first place..."

Idelle, Project Manager

"I met Lisa at a pivotal point in my career search. Thanks to her, her amazing, thorough and helpful worksheets, I wouldn't be at this point in my career journey. She has turned fear into confidence and has really shown me I can change my life an have the power in my hands." 

Jessie, Senior Business Solutions Consultant 

"Prior to working with Lisa, the decision to speak my mind in uncomfortable situations at work and to take action to pursue opportunities with uncertain outcomes in my career resulted in a not of self-doubt and anxiety. Through working with Lisa, I learned frameworks that shifted my mindset so. thatI am empowered. to take on these situations more effectively and confidently." 


Meet Lisa Philyaw, Founder and Career Confidence Coach 

I'm Lisa Philyaw and it is my mission in life to help others trust themselves so they can take charge of their career. I use my Master's in Industrial-Organizational Psychology (psychology applied to the workplace), my life coach certification, and my experience as a Learning and Development Consultant and Communication Trainer to provide clients with the tools, guidance, and insight to access their own brilliance.


You're Not Alone on This Journey.

You're not alone and you have what you need within, you just may not know how to access it yet. That's where I come in. My background,  personal experience, and skills honed from leading over 1,000 coaching sessions has helped me and my clients transform worry into wisdom and self doubt into self belief. You can have this too. You can take charge of your career and create the career of your dreams.


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