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No more wasting your time on work that isn't meaningful to you.

Create a job you love and do it clearly, confidently, and effectively...
Without sacrificing who you are and want you want in the process!
Career Professionals
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" I was really struggling with my transition to an executive leadership role. Lisa helped me learn and practice helpful skills to handle the transition and uncover/remember the things that drove me to want be in leadership in the first place."

- Client Testimonial from DeloraExecutive Leader

I'm Lisa Philyaw, M.S. Industrial Organizational Psychology

I have worked with over 1,000 Career Professionals and Coachpreneurs. I've seen the same career struggles come up, time and time again...

You're sick of feeling overlooked
You're tired of being trapped in a dead-end job
You want to move beyond the role you've been confined to
You are ready for something bigger, something bolder
Something that feels like you.
About Lisa

Your career is in your hands.

It's time to take charge of it.

You can have the career you want (Even if you're not sure what that looks like just yet).

And while society feeds us lies about how we're supposed to show up at work, we can break the narrative. We can be ourselves. And we can do our work, our way, with soul.

Get a career you love. Excel as you express yourself fully in your role. Make more money as you pursue a career that aligns with you.

Working with me, my clients have...


  • Been selected for a position out of 128 other applicants
  • Received competing offers from two Big Five companies
  • Been offered a 30K salary increase and senior title
  • Gotten promoted to the c-suite level
  • Felt "more confident than ever" for interviews
  • Booked their first paid clients for their new consultation business
  • Published their own books
  • Been offered a dream consulting position at $150/hr
Career Professionals
Career & Life Coaches

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It's Time to Embrace Your Role as CEO with Soul


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Through a combination of coaching, psychological assessments, and communications strategy, you'll get clear on what you want next and be taking bold action based on the custom career path we carve out just for you.


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Working together, we'll craft your unique positioning, create compelling cover letters and resumes, master your networking approach, hone your interview confidence, and cultivate your leadership presence so that you are magnetic to hiring managers.