Finding Your Way Forward

career direction soul taking action Jun 01, 2021

It’s time to put away the process. The manuals. The “how to do” things.

Those all have a time and place.

But they also distract. They also get in the way. They also can block us from accessing what we know that we don’t know we know.

There are a million ways to make money. To progress in our career. To do something. To create.

There are countless combinations of hows. Of steps. Of paths forward.

So we can stop looking for the right way.

And instead create our way.

We know the way.

When we stop looking outside and ask inside and respond to what we hear, we make the way.

Not the way for everyone. But the way for us.

That’s the only way that matters.

Your way.

Yes, it can be informed by what we read. By what we hear. By what we’re taught.

But don’t let it get lost in all of that.

Don’t let the loudness of others stop you from hearing your knowing inside.

Use what you learn, the lessons, the teachings, to help you hear you.

Not to replace your way. But to clarify it. Always knowing that you know best for you.

You are the one who knows your way.

Even when you don’t know it yet.

You make your own “how to” manual as you go.

You’re the way forward. You.

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