Hit "Pause" to Stop People Pleasing

people pleasing self coaching Jun 14, 2021

People pleasing is reactionary.

We are in a situation, and before we even check in with ourselves to know what we want, we blurt out a "yes," or we nod our head in agreement, or we do what we think they want us to do, without ever checking in with ourselves to see what we want.

To help ourselves get beyond reacting and instead into responses that reflect what we truly want, we need to hit pause.

We need to build in a pause between what we're presented with and how we respond. This pause point gives us the space to decide. It gives us a chance to hear ourselves. It gives us a way to assess what it is we truly want and how we want to communicate it.

This 5.5 min video shares ways to build in that pause. It also introduces our new course, Drop the Need to People Please. To learn more or enroll, schedule a confidence consultation. We'll share how you can access the course as a part of being a coaching client.

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