How to Get a Remote Job

career change job search remote work Jul 14, 2022

How do you compare to other candidates wanting remote work?

With more candidates than ever wanting a remote role, competition for these limited jobs is intense! Here are some tips to stay ahead of the competition:

  • Emphasize your ability to self manage: This will help remote managers be more at ease with hiring you to work in a remote or hybrid position
  • Highlight your skills in communicating asynchronously and in written form: This is often how remote workers keep their teams up to date, so the more you can demonstrate your abilities to do this, the better
  • Set clear hours for when you will (and won't) work: Having a structure in place and communicating your plans for this schedule can help hiring managers know what to expect and be confident in how (and when) they can count on you
  • Use the word "remote" in your resume: This will help your resume stand out in applicant tracking systems so you're application is brought to the top of the stack
  • Get familiar with remote platforms: When you know the terminology hiring managers use to explain the technologies they use to communicate or manage projects, it will help you to respond effectively to their interview questions


Check out this podcast episode for more tips!

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