It's the Climb

authenticity confidence goals momentum motivation Oct 21, 2022


Okay, so I am tearing up over here as I re-listen to "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus 😭😂

....People, let's not forget -
🎶 It's the cliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimb! 🎶

Here's what I got from re-listening to this song -

You may see where you're wanting to go. Yet you don't know if you're going to get there. 
But guess what. You keep going. You keep moving.

Even though you're in the dark.
Even though you don't even know if it will work.
You may not even have the faith or full belief.

But guess what. You keep going anyways. Because you know - the journey doesn't end with that accomplishment, that failure.

Wins or losses, that's not the point. The point - it's the climb. 

It's you taking a chance.
It's you picking yourself up.
It's you holding yourself high.

You may not know why you're having that experience. And you don't need to. Because they are shaping you, impacting you, teaching you, guiding you.

You learn through every trial.
It will feel hard.
But rushing to the end won't make it any better.

Slow down loves.
Hit pause. Enjoy the sensation of the climb you're on. 

Bask in the beauty of the journey itself.
The beauty of the wins, and the loses.
The beauty in the joys and the sorrows.
The beauty in you living. Truly embracing. Fully loving. Yourself as you embark on the journey.

Because there is always another mountain. Another goal to pursue.
But it's never been about the goal in the first place .

It's Miley shares...The Climb.

Thank You, Miley. Love you all!


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