The Different Ways We Learn

authenticity identity learning Jun 11, 2021

We all learn and process information differently.

For me, I find I don’t know my point until I start making it.

By talking it out, I actually discover the purpose of what I’m saying.

When I was in school the way I learned was by literally teaching the concept to myself out loud.

I had a tiny whiteboard and I’d pretend I was talking to students to show them and teach them the concepts – concepts I had just discovered.

I learn by teaching. This is my way.

What’s yours?

Some are more reflective. They sit with it, sleep on it, go for a run, take a break, and the solution or knowing percolates up for them.

Others write it out, see it, hear it, feel it. Take it all in, and then through that soaking up they learn.

Others are doers. They are experiential, kinesthetic. They learn through taking action and trying and doing and that cements the knowledge for them.

What about you?

We all have aspects of all of these within us, and all of these strategies help us learn. But knowing your preferred way can help. Because it allows you to structure how you take information in and reflect it back in a way that is most in line with you.

For me, it’s always been through teaching and talking.

People think you have to know before you teach. And yes, to an extent that’s true. But when you teach, you really get to know. At least that is how it’s always been for me.

So find your way. And use it. Even if it doesn’t match the ways of those around you. Or the company you work for. Or how your family tends to operate.

Your way matters. It’s how you operate. It’s how you learn. Cherish it, cultivate it, and learn because of it.

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