The Truth about Positive Affirmations

authenticity confidence self coaching soul Oct 04, 2021

Positive affirmations cannot come from the mind.
They need to come from the soul.

Meaning that you don’t want to intellectually choose an affirmation to use. And then force it by repeating it to yourself until it sticks.

Instead, you want to use an affirmation that comes from within. Something that you already know - that a part of you inside, is already saying to you. That you can grasp and hear.

This way you use an affirmation that resonates with the truth of who you are. Because it came from you - from your inner guidance within.

Your mind may still not believe that affirmation just yet. But that’s okay. Because you, deep down, believe it. Even if the mind isn’t on board yet.

This is how you use positive affirmations to heal and bring forth greater self love, appreciation, and abundance.

Because the affirmation is specifically crafted by your own soul, just for you, to say just what you need, just when you need to hear it.

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