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Soul Activation Training and Coach Certification


What Soul Activation Certified Coaches Create for their Clients

Overcome Subconscious Programming and Change Our Habits

We often operate on auto-pilot based on the conditions we absorbed as young children when our brains were primarily in a theta-wave state. But this doesn't mean you're stuck in your conditions. You can change. Learn where these automatic behavioral responses come from and how to create new habits. Guide your clients to do the same.

Coaching Tools:
Unfiltering through Questions
Values Identification

Release Trapped Emotions and Reconnect to Your Spiritual Self 

When we aren't able to handle or express emotions in the moment, our body holds onto them. The dilemma is they often remain inside of us unresolved, easily triggering us to react intensely without us realizing why. Learn to release these emotions in yourself and guide your clients to do so for themselves without having to retrigger the memories that created them.

Coaching Tools:
Emotional Release Process
Tapping / EFT 
Anxiety Freedom Technique

Get out of Egoic Indecision and Make Soul-Led Decisions

Our egoic mind is designed to analyze, not to decide. So when we use it to try to make a decision, it spins us into a swirl of second-guessing. Learn to guide yourself and your clients into soul-led decisions by getting out of the head, and into intuition's truth so you make decisions aligned with what you really want and who you truly are.

Coaching Tools:
4-Box Technique for Intuitively Deciding
Soulversation (Decision-Focused)

Stop Self Sabotage, Release the Inner Judger, and Take Aligned Action

When we aren't doing what we want or keep doing what we wish we'd stop, it's a sign that we're operating from an egoic need. We don't need to shame ourselves for this or feel like we're battling our own inner critique. Instead, learn how our values drive behaviors and how to coach yourself and your clients to fulfill those values with self connection.

Coaching Tools:
Soul Activation Framework 
Values Fulfillment Coaching 

Get Unstuck, Release the Victim, and Connect to Your Purpose

Being stuck is a sign of inner conflict. It can make us lash out at others or collapse inward on ourselves. When escalated, it becomes a Dark Night of the Soul (when we're releasing our old identity and have not yet met our new one). The Certification will teach you to help yourself and your clients tap back into themselves and their purpose. 

Coaching Tools:
Parts Integration
Soulversation (Purpose-Focused)

Training & Certification Process

This is a six month 1:1 training and certification. Because of its intensive nature and dedication required for each student, there are limited spots. You must apply and once accepted, you'll complete an interview to ensure it's a great fit for you and Lisa (Creator of and Coach for the Certification). 


Apply for Certification

To be considered for the Certification, please submit an application by clicking the button below. This will take approximately 15 minutes to complete and you'll receive a response within 48 hours (Monday-Friday, U.S. Holidays excluded) to let you know whether you're application has been accepted, at which point you'll be invited to schedule a call with Lisa.

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Interview with Lisa

If your application is accepted, you'll be invited to schedule a call with Lisa. This is your chance to get to know each other, have any questions answered, and ensure it's an excellent fit to continue forward. This Certification requires an immense time commitment from Lisa due to the detailed feedback and coaching she provides. Because of this, only serious applicants will be invited to interview.

Complete Certification Curriculum

Every week you'll have specific video modules to watch and sections of the Soul Activation workbook to review. This is where you'll learn new coaching techniques and how to use the coaching tools with your clients. While you're able to adapt the specific schedule to fit your individual needs, you'll need to complete this portion within the 6 month period.

Meet with Lisa 1:1 for 6 Months

These virtual 1:1 coaching session are where you'll get your coaching questions answered, receive feedback on your coaching submissions, get coaching to help you embrace your role as a coach and/or your coaching business, and have the opportunity to practice coaching and get additional feedback. You'll have the chance to meet with her on a weekly basis.

Submit Coaching Sessions for Approval

To ensure you're set up for success as a Coach, you'll coach your clients and submit multiple session recordings to Lisa for feedback throughout the six month certification period. Certification requires at least three of these sessions to be approved as part of the Certification to demonstrate your mastery of coaching using the Soul Activation Framework, Emotional Release process, and Soulversation technique.

Pass Certification Exam

To ensure comprehensive understanding of all Soul Activation curriculum, you'll complete a final exam. You are able to take this exam multiple times throughout the six month Certification so that you can learn from each submission and be competent in all material. This is a chance to master your skills and be set up to easily explain concepts to your clients.

Upon Certification:

You will be a Certified Soul Activation Coach. You'll have the opportunity to use all curriculum to coach your clients. You'll receive unbranded worksheets and materials that you can tailor for your coaching business.

Certification Features:

  • 24 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Lisa
  • Opportunity to Submit Coaching Session Recordings for Feedback
  • 10+ Hours of Training
  • 80+ Page Curriculum Guide
  • Unbranded Coaching Worksheets and Scripts Provided Upon Certification
  • Optional Copywriting Template
  • Optional Training on How to Create Coaching Package
  • Optional Training to Define Coaching Niche 
  • Optional Soul-Based Marketing & Selling Techniques

Investment: $5,000 $4,444 pre-launch pricing

(payment plans also available)
Note: Due to the 1:1 nature of the Certification, there are limited spots available at this price.

Curriculum Included in the Soul Activation Coach Certification:

What it Means to Be a Coach
Getting Started
How to Coach: Mindset, Values & The Soul Activation Framework
How to Coach: Emotions & Body Work
How to Coach: Soul & Subconscious Work
How to Coach: Deciding & Taking Action
Wrapping Up

Optional Curriculum to Support You

(Not Required to Certify as a Soul Activation Coach)

Building a Coaching Business with Integrity

How to Teach

Apply Now

Hi I'm Lisa, the Creator and Coach for this Certification.

  • Master's in Psychology

  •  Certified Life Coach

  • Certified Inner Voice Facilitator 

  •  Host of the Your Work Your Way Podcast 

  • Former SCS (Self Coaching Scholars) Coach and Entrepreneur Director for The Life Coach School 

  •  Former Communications Trainer & Coach


Experience in leadership development, entrepreneurship, coaching, communications training, and instructional design.

  • I've worked with over 1,000 career professionals, entrepreneurs, and coaches. This includes helping them to grow their businesses, improve their coaching, get out of imposter syndrome, and take action as they show up fully as themselves.
  • As former Entrepreneur Director for The Life Coach School, I am skilled in what is - and is not - helpful for coaches to do in order to feel confident in their coaching and make offers to their clients.
  • As the Momentum and Elevation Coach for Peak Business Academy, I've helped entrepreneurs understand what's blocking themselves from success and how to move through those blocks to achieve results.

Purpose of Certification:

I've seen the benefits of a mindset-based approach, and the pitfalls as well.

I created the Soul Activation Certification to bridge the gap.

It combines my training in psychology, NLP, inner voice facilitation, intuition, emotional release, business marketing, and spirituality.

It teaches you to use the strengths of the ego through the guidance of the soul to create soul-aligned coaching that allows your clients to have major breakthroughs.

I've gone through my own dark night of the soul and realized the emptiness that comes from leading a successful BUT misaligned coaching practice.

It doesn't matter how far ahead you get with your business or your coaching skills. If you don't get to be you - if you don't get to own your expertise and express yourself as you do it, it doesn't matter. You'll burn out. You'll exhaust yourself in the process and sink your emotional health as you try to be someone you're not teaching something you don't really believe in.

I know because I've been there. Coaching and deep soul work helped me through it. I am continuing my journey of growth and evolution, and I am here to help you with yours. We're in this together, Coach.

We can't ignore the soul anymore. If we do, it kills us from the inside out. So let's drop the mask. Let's be ourselves.

Let's coach our way and help our clients as we grow our businesses with soul. 

Testimonials from Certified Coaches


"On a personal level, the Framework helped me have better communication relationship-wise, with my family and friends. Now I am able to pinpoint their values, where they’re coming from - from a place of compassion rather than being reactive. On a personal level that was huge. And also with clients, again helping them have that conversation in a more positive light rather than getting down on themselves…That’s where we get the aha moments, when we go deeper into the stories that they’re telling themselves and we can pinpoint, ‘hey yes this is what’s going on,’ and they can create an approach to course correct or keep going.” 

- Adriana, Soul Activation Certified Coach

"Lisa Philyaw is a pleasure to work with as a coach and facilitator. She offers new perspectives on coaching that have significantly expanded my coaching expertise and helped me understand new and more dynamic ways of applying the existing tools that I have. Her Soul Activation Certification offers a plethora of valuable insights, education, and techniques on coaching from a new and reputable vantage point. And, her coaching style is gentle and curious, providing a safe space for vulnerability. The work I did with her has helped me feel more confident in my own coaching expertise, which has helped to evolve my practice for entrepreneurial clients, benefiting them by taking their transformation beyond mindset alone. Thank you for helping me transform my business in new ways!"

- Kate, Soul Activation Certified Coach

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Praise From Inside the Program

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Attract, Coach, and Re-Up Clients with the Grace and Confidence that Can Only Come From Soul-Connected Coaching

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