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Andrew C, Senior Clinical Pharmacist & Leader

"I worked with Lisa on some professional matters and mindset issues that were facing me in 2021-2022. During that time she helped guide me through these issues by challenging my perspectives, deconstructing my interpretations of others' behaviors, and helping me re-frame my circumstances. Through this ongoing dialogue I was able to improve upon my professional circumstances and, subsequently, received new opportunities for my advancement in the work place. I found our sessions to be engaging and thought-provoking. The work we accomplished together created the energy I needed to create a path forward that was full of opportunity. If I had not worked with Lisa, I might have missed out on the opportunities created and I may still be dwelling on my misses and losses. 

I highly recommend Lisa for personal and professional advisement and coaching. I was impressed with her candor and insight. She has an aptitude to cut to the heart of the matter and quickly bring about change.  Thanks, Lisa!"

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Ignite the Leader Within so You can Get Results for Yourself and Your Team Using These 3 Steps:


Manage Your Workload

1. Manage Your Workload

Navigating the leadership pipeline can be stressful. Especially when schedules are packed with meetings, employees are more stressed and dispersed than ever before, and people keep quitting from the burnout happening throughout the corporate world. Leaders often bear the brunt of it, with more work, more expectations, and less support systems to get through it. If this is you, you're not alone and let's help you manage your workload in a way that is aligned with what you want.

Working together, you'll take control of your workload without burnout yourself out:

  • Reconfigure how you approach your time and your tasks
  • Delegate through clear hand-offs that free up your space and allow others to shine
  • Have strategic conversations with other leaders and  decision makers about how to redistribute the workload and set realistic expectations
  • Manage anxiety, stress, and overwhelm through mind, body, and soul-guided processes designed to help you release trapped emotions within


Lead Your Team

2. Lead Your Team

Your team is looking to you to guide them. This responsibility can be both exciting and stressful. Navigating team dynamics, giving difficult feedback, creating development plans, and holding team members accountable can be done from a place of fear and overwhelm or a place of empowered connection with who you are. 

Working together, you tap into your soul-filled self confidence so you can lead your team effectively:

  • Confidently guide team discussion and manage meetings so that objectives are met as you create an engaging environment for all to express their ideas
  • Practice soul-led accountability that allows you to transparently set expectations of your team and respond if those expectations aren't met
  • Honor the expertise of your team members without feeling you need to have all the answers and instead using your leadership expertise to guide them in their own growth
  • Create development plans for yourself and with your team members to help them set and achieve goals for their career and for the company
  • Get out of the need to prove yourself and instead trust in your skill to lead your team so that your team can do the same


Be Known for Your Leadership

3. Be Known for Your Leadership

Leadership can be transactional or transformational. It comes down to how you choose to lead. You can be the leader you want to be. You can channel your Inner Consultant and guide yourself, your team, and your organization from a place of soul-alignment that inspires others to do the same. Create the impact you want. It starts with getting out of your own way. This isn't always easy. But it is worth it. Because it means you get to be you as you lead. And you get to be an example for others so they can do the same. 

Working together, you'll make bold moves as you excel in doing your work as your authentic self:

  • Connect to your Inner Consultant and use it to guide your decision making from a strategic, soul-aligned place
  • Communicate authentically and influentially by owning your own authority and using your energy to create an environment of camaraderie and solutions
  • Stop letting old stories or insecurities hold you back and instead fully embody your brilliant self confident self and leader powerfully, in touch with who you are
  • Lead above and across the organization by knowing how to interact and guide discussions in a way that allows others to feel uplifted, not defensive or like they have to prove themselves

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Delora T, Executive Leader

"Working with Lisa helped me to accept myself and where I'm currently at. Now I have more ability to look at things I want to do, learn or goals I want to go after with self confidence.

I was really struggling with my transition to an executive leadership role, she helped me learn and practice helpful skills to handle the transition and uncover/remember the things that drove me to want be in leadership in the first place.

I also learned how to approach things in a way to have energy instead of burnout.  I always felt comfortable meeting with Lisa and she always over-delivered on what she was able to provide in our sessions.  She has a way to take whatever you have to share that day and steer it into such helpful reflection and learning."

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To Master These Steps, We'll Coach Across Multiple Areas Including:

Trust Yourself as a Leader

Create unwavering self trust. Rise to every occasion with deep faith in who you are. This will allow you take strategic risks and problem solve in stressful situations.

Let Go of Imposter Syndrome

You are where you're at for a reason. It's time to let go of the imposter, prove-it mentality and instead own the brilliant leader you are, even if you haven't felt connected to them just yet. That leaders is within. Let's ignite it. 

Release Stress and Overwhelm

Emotions aren't to be controlled or feared. We can work with them - even the stressful ones that feel draining. Learn strategies to channel your emotions productively and gain from their wisdom.

Lead with Influence

Leaders lead in all directions. Master the art of influential communication as you lead above, across and below. Be known and respected across the organization for your transformative leadership approach.

Demonstrate Empowered Accountability 

You can hold yourself and others accountable from a place of respect and grace that lifts all up as opposed to calling people out in a way that makes them feel small. This creates a supportive, respectful team culture. 

Have Difficult Conversations

Approach hard conversations from a place of self support, with enough structure to guide you forward without feeling impersonal. Have your back as you express what's needed and do so in a way that is pragmatic and solution-oriented.

Coach Your Team Members

Learn techniques to have coaching conversations with your employees so they can get clearer on how to thrive in their role. Help them see how they may be stopping themselves and help them get back on track. Work with them to create tailored development plans that inspire them forward.

Lead Meetings and Discussions

Whether virtual or in person, you can set the stage for an impactful purpose-led meeting, guided by clear intention and structure while still having room for some fun and personality to shine through.

Manage Your Time and Priorities

Set boundaries and honor them. Reconfigure the way you manage your calendar so that you can be more efficient, focused, and effective in your work. Get clear on what really matters to you and how you can ensure there is time for it.

Streamline Processes

Allow your team members opportunity to expand their skills by effectively delegating tasks to them to free up your time. Identify redundancies and inefficiencies in how the team operates and create new approaches for greater efficiency and productivity.

Create Role Clarity

Set up clear expectations, hand-offs, and roles for each member within a project so they all are clear on their responsibilities and who to go to for decision making.

Make Decisions Intuitively

Use your mind to support your decision making processes, and then drop into your intuition to choose what to do in any situation. This allows you to make impactful decisions connected to who you are and what you want.

Learn How in My 1:1 Coaching Program 

In your individualized private 3 month coaching package, you'll get: 

  • Weekly 1:1 45-minute virtual coaching sessions specific to your needs
  • Weekly action steps designed to catapult your career forward and keep your momentum growing
  • Unlimited text and audio coaching support in-between sessions (via the Voxer app) so you can maximize your results
  • Enneagram, Human Design, and MBTI personality assessments and reports as desired to  build self awareness 
  • Revised Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn as desired
  • Mock interviewing with feedback as desired
  • Presentation and Communication Feedback as desired
  • Supporting Courses & Materials in the form of worksheets, videos, and/or courses as applicable to your individual needs

Investment: $3,000 

(payment plan available upon request)
Yes, Enroll me in 1:1 Coaching for $3K!

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This is a chance to get to know each other, talk through the details of the coaching package, learn more about your goals, and get a feel for what working together in a coaching capacity would be like.


You can dig a hole with a spoon or with a bulldozer.

They both work. But one is much more impactful and transformative with each dig. That's what it's like to work with a skilled coach as opposed to going it alone.

A coach helps you bulldoze out of the self doubt and into self trust. Let's put the spoons away. 

And let's create deep, transformative growth together.

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Maria T,

Org Development Specialist Promoted to Chief People Officer

"Lisa's coaching program was extremely helpful for me in gaining more self confidence, especially when it comes to making decisions. I learned how to differentiate what I really want in life and at work from what I think I should do. I also now have the tools that help me work through negative emotions and anxiety and ensure that I stick to my decisions. I definitely feel more confident and more at peace with myself. Thank you Lisa for this experience!"

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Meet Lisa, Your Coach

Lisa has a background in Leadership Development, Communications Training, Workplace Psychology, and Career Coaching.

  • Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology
  • Certified Coach
  • Certified Inner Voice Facilitator
  • Founder and Coach at Beliefseed (current): Coach and train leaders and high potentials in topics related to career advancement, communication, time management, energy management, confidence, decision making, delegation, purpose, spirituality, and more.
  • Communications Trainer at 2Connect (complete): Taught leaders how to present with impact and communicate across work settings.
  • Interview Coach at 2Connect (complete): taught leaders and high-potentials how to be influential in interviews through coaching and feedback.
  • Entrepreneur Director at The Life Coach School (complete): Trained certified life coaches on how to build a thriving online business and manage their mind as they do so
  • Consultant at FMG Leading (complete): Synthesized data from 360 reports to provide Leaders clear understanding of strengths and development areas; led team development workshops; coached leader in development opportunities.
  • Mindset Coach at Peak Business Academy (current): Coach Entrepreneurs in how to start and build a side hustle into a successful business.
  • Mindset Coach at Agent Grad School (current): Coach Real Estate Agents in how to overcome mental, emotional, and psychological barriers so they can show up fully in their business.

  • Career Mindset Coach at Pathrise (complete): Coached job seekers in how to overcome mental blocks to position themselves for their ideal job.

Learn more about my journey here.

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You can dig a hole with a spoon or with a bulldozer.

They both work. But one is much more impactful and transformative with each dig. That's what it's like to work with a skilled coach as opposed to going it alone.

A coach helps you bulldoze out of the self doubt and into self trust. Let's put the spoons away. 

And let's create deep, transformative growth together.

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Katya D, Leadership Facilitator

"Before my coaching sessions with Lisa, I'd thought I was a relatively introspective and self-aware person. However, Lisa blew me away with the insights that she helped me to uncover--especially all the assumptions that I was carrying unknowingly. I especially enjoyed the "homework" I got every week to put my new learning into practice, so that the thought and behavioral changes would be sustainable. Lisa has this powerful quality where she's both your biggest cheerleader and also your discerning best friend who isn't afraid to get real with you and call you out, all for the sake of your growth. Working with Lisa made me feel like she was on my side and invested and interested in my growth. She clearly knows her theories, models, and what works, and presents it in such a kind, empowering way. I wish all my friends could get coached by Lisa--she really is that amazing. I am so grateful."

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  • ​Where you’re wanting to go
  • ​A custom roadmap for your next steps

I’ll take you through a guided process where we’ll learn more about each other, talk about your goals, and discuss strategies on how to move forward. We will reserve time at the end of the session to discuss if coaching together is a great fit and next step for you and which package is the best match for your desires.

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