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Over these 21 days, we cover:

Redefine what it means to people please

(days 1-4)

The actions we take don't determine if we're people pleasing. The reasons behind the actions do. We'll start the course getting clear on what people pleasing is so that you can learn to drop the need to people please.

Break the people pleasing habit

(days 5-9)

When habits no longer help us, it's time to let them go and shift into something more useful. The same is true with people pleasing. We'll dive into 5 steps designed to shift us away from people pleasing and into self supporting.

Create a new identity

(days 10-15)

People pleasing is a tendency, not a personality attribute. By identifying who we've been and defining who we are now, we can separate from the image of ourselves as people pleasers and create new tenets of who we are and how we want to live.

Debunk the myths that call us back

(days 16-21)

We have stories that shape our reasons for people pleasing (some  we are aware of and some we aren't). Many of these stories are myths. We'll debunk these myths and discuss the truth that will help us continually drop the need to people please. 

Course Flow:


21 Guided Curriculum Videos 

(4 hours of content)

Each day there is a specific video that builds upon the previous content. The curriculum covered in these videos will help you drop the need to people please and is designed to support all types of learning styles. All videos include specific actions you can easily implement that day.

Content Summary One-Sheets

So that the lessons live well beyond the 21 days, you'll receive 21 one-sheets so that you can easily download the key takeaways to your computer and reference the core lessons forever. This way you will be able to jog your memory, reference the material, and continue the practice of self support.

21 Action Steps

To help the learnings come to life, we have created complementary application exercises to use with each day's video. This way you're not just learning the material at a theoretical level; you are living the concepts. This real-word use can help the insights to stick and propel the inner shift you're wanting.

Gain the skills, practice, feedback, and insight to be self confident in your work.
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Meet Your Course Instructor.

Lisa Philyaw (she/her) is the Course Instructor. She is Founder of Beliefseed, a personal transformation company that specializes in helping people create more self confidence so they can do their work, their way.
Lisa has a Master's in Workplace Psychology and is a Certified Coach. She has worked with over 1,000 career professionals, combining her education with her experience in Leadership Development, Communications Coaching, and Consulting. As a result, she is able to help her clients create careers they love. Working with Lisa, clients clarify their career direction, create strategic action plans to achieve them, work through imposter syndrome, alleviate anxiety, speak up, set boundaries, and make bold moves for their career. 
She lives in Michigan with her husband Jordan and dog (Pirate the corgi). She enjoys hiking, watching the seasons change, eating delicious food, sipping cocao by the fire, and exploring the beautiful Michigan outdoors!

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