Andrew C, Senior Clinical Pharmacist 

"I worked with Lisa on some professional matters and mindset issues that were facing me in 2021-2022. During that time she helped guide me through these issues by challenging my perspectives, deconstructing my interpretations of others' behaviors, and helping me re-frame my circumstances. Through this ongoing dialogue I was able to improve upon my professional circumstances and, subsequently, received new opportunities for my advancement in the work place. I found our sessions to be engaging and thought-provoking. The work we accomplished together created the energy I needed to create a path forward that was full of opportunity. If I had not worked with Lisa, I might have missed out on the opportunities created and I may still be dwelling on my misses and losses. 

I highly recommend Lisa for personal and professional advisement and coaching. I was impressed with her candor and insight. She has an aptitude to cut to the heart of the matter and quickly bring about change.  Thanks, Lisa!"

Delora T, Executive Leader

"Working with Lisa helped me to accept myself and where I'm currently at. Now I have more ability to look at things I want to do, learn or goals I want to go after with self confidence.

I was really struggling with my transition to an executive leadership role, she helped me learn and practice helpful skills to handle the transition and uncover/remember the things that drove me to want be in leadership in the first place.

I also learned how to approach things in a way to have energy instead of burnout.  I always felt comfortable meeting with Lisa and she always over-delivered on what she was able to provide in our sessions.  She has a way to take whatever you have to share that day and steer it into such helpful reflection and learning."

Kate R, Certified Coach

"Lisa Philyaw is a pleasure to work with as a coach and facilitator. She is offers new perspectives on coaching that have significantly expanded my coaching expertise and helped me understand new and more dynamic ways of applying the existing tools that I have. Her Soul Activation Certification offers a plethora of valuable insights, education, and techniques on coaching from a new and reputable vantage point. And, her coaching style is gentle and curious, providing a safe space for vulnerability. The work I did with her has helped me feel more confident in my own coaching expertise, which has helped to evolve my practice for entrepreneurial clients, benefiting them by taking their transformation beyond mindset alone. Thank you for helping me transform my business in new ways!"

Idelle D, Senior Manager

"I met Lisa at a pivotal point in my career search. Thanks to her, and her amazing, thorough and helpful worksheets, I wouldn't be at this point in my career journey. She has turned fear into confidence and has really shown me I can change my life and have the power in my hands. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for support in achieving peak performance, especially high achievers and those just wanting to feel their best and have the confidence to take bold moves in their career."

Justin K, Senior Manager 

"I started skeptical about coaching, but I wanted to invest in myself. After many consultations and interviews, it came down to two candidates. Lisa never pushed and allowed me to come to the best decision for me. Let me tell you, I chose correctly what I needed. She has given me the tools to go after any position I want, including resume skills. From her skills, I was confident enough to apply for C-Suite positions and was considered for some positions I could not have done on my own. However, as my needs and vision have shifted, Lisa has been with me the entire time. Our sessions have been nothing but professional and fruitful! Lisa isn’t just another life coach that is gunning for your business. She’s trying to help you despite you giving her your business. This isn’t just a job for her; it’s clearly her passion." 

Maria T, Founder and Coach 

"Lisa's coaching program was extremely helpful for me in gaining more self confidence, especially when it comes to making decisions. I learned how to differentiate what I really want in life and at work from what I think I should do. I also now have the tools that help me work through negative emotions and anxiety and ensure that I stick to my decisions. I definitely feel more confident and more at peace with myself. Thank you Lisa for this experience!"

Katya D, Leadership Facilitator

"Lisa allowed me to uncover insights through her gentle questioning, so I felt both heard and supported in my autonomy to implement more useful ways of thinking. I also appreciated her sharing specific frameworks to interrupt disruptive thought patterns. 

Lisa also just really CARES, plain and simple. I felt like she was cheering for me and with me throughout our sessions and even several years down the line. Procedurally, she is organized, prepares for and follows up after sessions, and her communication is clear. Anyone would be lucky to be guided by Lisa's genuine empathy, knowledge, and skill!"

Andrew M, Accountant & Manager

"During my time working with Lisa, I was able to identify time management and leadership issues that were stopping me from realizing my career potential. Lisa and I implemented plausible step by step goals that kept me accountable and educated me so these dynamic changes could become habits. Lisa's style to work out situational obstacles in sessions prepares me to implement our solutions outside the sessions and apply the thinking to my whole life...I would highly recommend her as a coach to help anyone enhance and grow both in their personal and professional life. She is persistently and consistently innovative. She reaches out for and embraces new ideas. She is nourished endlessly by new ideas, and nourishes others by sharing them. Lisa is by far my #1 coach!"

Jessie C, Senior Regional Account Manager

"Prior to working with Lisa, the decision to speak my mind in uncomfortable situations at work and to take action to pursue opportunities with uncertain outcomes in my career resulted in a lot of self-doubt and anxiety. Through working with Lisa, I learned frameworks that shifted my mindset so that I am empowered to take on these situations more effectively and confidently."

Rachael C, Certified Coach

"I just want to give Lisa Philyaw a HUGE shout out here.

I just finished her Soul Activation Certification and it was BRILLIANT and beautiful!

I have so much more understanding and clarity to help my clients listen to their highest wisdom (their souls!). Thank you Lisa!

And if you're a coach (beginning or advanced) looking for deeper understanding of connection between the ego and the soul ... sign up for her next training!

Natalia B, Career Professional

"I am so happy to find Lisa Philyaw coaching. She uses professional scientifically proven approach, that helped me to learn more about myself, and to realize how my own brain get me confused sometimes. Feeling much happier now, and more confident about my decisions. Also I know that I get to choose my thoughts and able to believe into whatever I choose, not fall into my emotions.
This couching program was a life savior at the moment of my self-doubt. I still continue  practicing what I have learned with Lisa, it is not a one day change."

Kris H, Career Professional

"Lisa Philyaw is a very inspirational and insightful super star life coach. She helped me see new opportunities in my life transitions when I was having a hard time navigating through them. I feel much more empowered in questioning my negative thought patterns with new tools from Lisa. I would encourage you to talk with Lisa as she is an excellent listener and would highly recommend her services to anyone in need."

Tamara H, Career Professional

"I want to attest to how wonderful your program is. I feel so much more capable of figuring out and reaching my goals than I did before. I’ve got a lot more confidence that I will get there eventually. I’m not sure how much is the program itself, and how much is you personally, but I found your calm clarity very appealing and helpful. I try to channel you when I work through the skills you gave me. Thanks again so much."