Check in with You

confidence decisions people pleasing Sep 22, 2021

Before asking that colleague for their opinion.
Before double-checking with your trusted confidant about whether your idea makes sense.
Before soliciting feedback from your peers or mentors.

Check. In. With. You.

What do YOU think?
What resonates with you?

Don’t ask your head this.
Ask your heart.

Drop into the energy of your intuition.
And from that place of calm centeredness, clarify with yourself what you believe.

And then if you want to ask your colleague, or check with a confidant, or solicit feedback, go for it. But don’t use their opinions to define you or whether your idea makes sense. Use their opinions as data for you to solidify, calibrate, further hone your own opinion.

And, now knowing their opinions, you then…

Check. Back. In. With. You.

After hearing what you’ve heard, what is your truth?

It may be the same, unchanged from the opinions of others that you gathered.

It may have changed, and this doesn’t mean anything less about you - it simply means you’ve encountered new experience and insight and have evolved your perspective.

It may be that your original opinion is solidified - even if others disagreed with you, it may just help you to see the strength of your own belief.

Whatever the case, you can rejoice in the discoveries you make.

Because when you do this process, you’re allowing yourself to be open to others’ insights from a place of continued CONNECTION WITH YOURSELF.

So that you don’t feel swayed by each point of feedback you get. Instead you get to use each one as an opportunity to reconnect with your own self about your values and beliefs.

This is you, getting to hear you, and getting to know you and honor you.

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