Being You

authenticity confidence identity Sep 27, 2021

You being you uplifts the planet.

You don’t have to even see how (though if you look, I bet you’ll notice some examples!).

Because when you are you, the whole world benefits.

When you bring your unique, needed self out and share it with the world, you are filling a void.

A void that honestly NO ONE ELSE BUT YOU can fulfill.

You have a key part to play.

All that’s needed from you, is that you be you.

And I know sometimes this can feel so hard.

We can feel like we don’t know how to connect with ourselves because we’ve been holding back for so long that we forgot how to access our own self within.

But it’s easier than it may seem, to reconnect with yourself. Because being you, is what you’re meant for.

So deep exhale out, shoulders back, one step forward.

It’s time to courageously set forth, being fully you, every moment of the day.

You’ve got this darling. You were made for this job.

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