Stop Calling it "Imposter Syndrome"

confidence self coaching Sep 03, 2021

Let's stop calling it "imposter syndrome" and start calling it what it really is...

The thought, the feeling, the action. That's it.

No need to make it into something bigger.

Because when it's just a thought or feeling - sure it's uncomfortable - but it's manageable. We can get through it, know it's temporary, and move past it.

But when it's a syndrome - then it feels massive. It becomes this big block or problem we are faced with, and it can start to weigh us down whenever we think of trying to overcome it.

So let's take away the power by taking away the weight.

It isn't a syndrome. It's a momentary experience. So focus on the moment you're in, the feeling you're having. And don't make it mean anything more about you.

Because thoughts and feelings come and go. No heaviness needed.

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